Beginning in the fall of 2011, Amber Sky Records and 252 Basics will partner to create a weekly worship set for churches to use every Sunday. This will include a worship set and script for K–3rd grade, 4th–5th grade, and Family Experience.
At Amber Sky Records, we strategically plan our worship sets so that your worship time transitions smoothly and encourages your kids to learn the music and get involved. We never introduce more than one song on a Sunday, and we rotate the music so that everyone is familiar enough with the songs to participate!
With the 252 Basics curriculum, you automatically get access to our worship sets. However, with an Amber Sky Records subscription you’ll receive the worship sets along with a more in-depth script for your worship leader on how to lead and engage the audience, devotions for your worship team and dance move instructions!
Also, with an ASR subscription, you’ll be able to create a playlist of the songs you’re going to use, and then send that playlist link to your parents so that they can purchase the songs and let their kids start learning them at home!
If you’re not familiar with, log on and take a look. We have music, soundtracks, live lyric videos, charts, and music videos for both elementary and preschool ages.
Amber Sky Records is excited to be partnering with 252 Basics to help create the best environments for your kids, and make Sunday worship as easy as possible for you!