Did you know that there are over 40 countries around the world that have one or more ministries using Orange curriculum? Amazing! There’s an international church in Botswana using 252 Basics. We have a partner church in Germany using First Look, 252 Basics, and XP3. Churches in Australia, Hong Kong, Scotland, India, Nigeria, and Qatar are all using Orange curriculum. You don’t like your shipping cost for Feature Presentation? Try paying for it to be shipped to Qatar! Orange is in Tanzania, Romania, Guatemala, Egypt, New Zealand and South Africa. These are just a few!
Can you imagine having to translate the curriculum into a different language every month? We have quite a few churches that do! We have a partner church in Ukraine that translates both First Look and 252 Basics into Russian. There is a church in Brazil that translates the curriculum into Portuguese. Talk about some added prep time!
Our international partners never cease to amaze us at the lengths they go to combine the influence of the church with the influence of the home to fuel faith in the next generation. We’re honored to partner with so many amazing leaders from all over the world! Are you an international partner? Leave us a comment and tell us where you are from. We would love to hear how Orange is impacting families around the world! Here are a few pictures from some of our international partners:
These pictures are from Igreja Evangélica Pedra Angular in Brazil!

From St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand. These kids are learning about Honor…or Honour. They’ve got their Belts of Honour!