Recently, we had the exciting opportunity to sit down with sportscaster, Mickey Hutch, and local wrestling legend, Harvey “The Brick” Brkowski, to talk about their contributions to 252 Movie.
252 – Mickey, thank you for being here.
Mickey – My pleasure.
252 – And, uh, do I call you Harvey or Mr. Brkowski or what?
The Brick – Mr. The Brick is fine.
Mickey – Allow me to do the honors. (Clears throat) Goooood afternoon, sports fans! I’m Mickey Hutch and joining me as always is retired pro wrestling champion and the inventor of the Pimble, Harvey “The BRICK” Brkowski!
The Brick – Now we’re talking.
252 – Um, I’m sorry. The Pimble?
The Brick – That’s right. It’s like a thimble. Except for your pinkie. We’re still waiting on the patent.
252 – Good luck with that.
The Brick – Thank you.
252 – Now, you two have been covering sporting events together for years. But not the sports you might expect like football or hockey. What are some of the events you’ve covered for 252 Movie?
Mickey – We covered the Rumble at Rephidim, where Moses held his staff over his head until the Israelites defeated the Amalekites in battle.
The Brick – Smackdown!
Mickey – The Philistine Fracas where the shepherd David defied the odds and defeated the giant with a pebble and a sling.
The Brick – Smackdown!
Mickey – And then, of course, The Throne Room Smackdown.
The Brick – Smackdown!
Mickey – But wait, Brick. The Throne Room Smackdown was when Joseph, a governor in Egypt, chose to forgive his brothers instead of getting revenge.
The Brick – I retract my previous “smackdown” and replace it with a fistful of “Forgiveness!”
Mickey – Thank you, Brick.
252 – You both are obviously very good at what you do and passionate about sports. What brought you to 252 Movie?
Mickey – Everyone loves a good underdog story, right? Where the most unexpected thing you can think of happens. Brick and I only cover those kinds of events, because when God is involved, the unexpected almost always happens. With God, the little guy can triumph over a giant. The outnumbered army can trample their foes. And the really strong and powerful can choose not to fight in the name of peace and—
The Brick – Forgiveness!
Mickey – Exactly.
252 – That sounds great! Thanks for doing what you do.
The Brick – No prob. Say, can I interest you in a Pimble?
252 – I, uh, don’t really sew.
Mickey and The Brick can be seen in November’s edition of 252 Movie.