Our 252 Movie subscribers are no doubt familiar with the antics of self-proclaimed superhero, Captain Anxiety. We had a moment to sit down with him to discuss his many adventures.
252: Captain Anxiety, you’ll forgive me if I’m a bit nervous. I’ve never been around an actual superhero before.
Captain Anxiety: I understand completely. I myself have been known to tremble with fear at my own reflection.
252: Can you tell us who you’ve brought with you today?
Captain Anxiety: Certainly. This unassuming creature beside me is none other than my sidekick, Sidekick Mark.
Mark: Just Mark is fine.
Captain Anxiety: Sidekick Mark, please! You mustn’t give away your secret identity!
252: Captain Anxiety, for our readers who aren’t familiar with you—
Captain Anxiety: Not familiar? Impossible!
252: Right, well, in the unlikely event that one of our readers has been trapped in a cave for many years—
Captain Anxiety: That’s happened to me.
252: Could you tell us what your super powers are?
Captain Anxiety: Ah, yes, well, where should I begin? I have impeccable dental hygiene, I have an acute awareness of germs, and I’m able to hide in very small places for long periods of time, rendering myself virtually invisible.
252: And you use these powers to, what, fight for justice?
Captain Anxiety: My primary purpose along with Sidekick Mark is to thwart the dastardly deeds of Evil Man!
Mark: No.
Captain Anxiety: Don’t correct me, Sidekick Mark.
Mark: His name isn’t Evil Man. It’s Stan Evelman. He’s a guy who lives in Captain Anxiety’s apartment complex and he’s really not evil at all.
Captain Anxiety: Ha!
Mark: He’s just a guy.
Captain Anxiety: That’s what Evil Man would have you believe!
252: One last question, Captain. Why did you decide to be a part of 252 Movie?
Mark: I’ll answer that one if you don’t mind.
Captain Anxiety: Carry on, Sidekick Mark.
Mark: With all his super powers, Captain Anxiety does have one slight weakness. He forgets to trust God sometimes.
Captain Anxiety: ’Tis my kryptonite.
Mark: Yeah, so it’s good that we’re in 252 Movie, because it helps remind him that God is bigger than all his worries and fears. And as he learns to trust God more, we hope folks watching can learn that, too. So, whether he’s afraid of the dark or storms or rejection or—
Captain Anxiety: Evil Man!
Mark: Or Stan Evelman, he knows he can take a minute to pray or read his Bible until he remembers he can trust God no matter what.
Captain Anxiety: Well said, Sidekick Mark.
Mark: Just Mark is fine.
Captain Anxiety: Agree to disagree.
Captain Anxiety and Sidekick Mark can be seen in June’s edition of 252 Movie.