If you’ve looked at the September series Flight Plan on the 252 Basics download matrix, you’ve probably noticed the new “One Big Story” panel. This contains screen images of our One Big Story poster for you to use in your elementary environments.
While this is a beautiful illustration, One Big Story is so much more.
As children encounter Moses, Esther, Peter or Paul, our hope has always been that they begin to understand how these people and their stories fit into the One Big Story God has been telling throughout history.
Developmentally, children in elementary school are just beginning to understand how events fit into a timeline. Rather than focusing on ordering the hundreds of stories told throughout the Bible, we decided to focus on helping kids understand the big chapters of God’s Big Story.
We think there are six big movements or acts in the Bible to discover:

  • Magnificent Paradise – Creation
  • Broken World – Fall of humanity through the Tower of Babel
  • Lost Tribes – Abraham through the prophets
  • Promised One – The life of Christ
  • Shining Witnesses – Acts and the epistles
  • The New City – Revelation

We have woven this language throughout 252 Groups and 252 Home to help children and families to better connect the dots of biblical history.
In 252 Groups, you’ll notice this most in Large Group where the Storyteller, with the help of the One Big Story timeline, will point out where a specific story fits into the great scope of the Bible. We will do this several times a month to give kids and leaders context. When we do, we’ll included a slide of the timeline for you to project onto a focal wall or screen where the Storyteller can interact with it.
In 252 Home, you’ll notice some changes on Studio252.tv over the next several weeks. A“One Big Story” tab is replacing the “CUE Box” tab. From here kids will head to the One Big Story timeline for a multi-media journey through the Bible. They will also discover where the weekly story is found in the Bible along with everything they need to make the story come alive at home.
Our goal continues to be that children and families will discover their place in God’s Big Story. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate these truths in visual and engaging ways that make sense. We pray these additional resources will help you make God’s One Big Story come to life for the next generation of the church.