Are you looking for a way to take the skills of your Small Group Leaders and Storytellers to the next level? Want to invest in them and just not quite sure how to do it? Well, we’ve got the answer for you! First Look’s Unpacked 2 DVD is exactly what you’re looking for! It’s simple, easy and organized and will only take 90 minutes of your time.

Let’s face it, no one wants to sit through a training event and listen to information that’s not pertinent to the area that they volunteer in. As leaders, we often try to create one large event that speaks to all of our leaders in an attempt to kill a lot of birds with as few stones as possible. The end result often leaves our volunteers zoned out and frustrated because they just had to sit through a 2-hour event where half of the material presented probably didn’t apply to them. As a leader, I’ve totally been there and have a feeling you have as well. Unpacked 2 solves that problem for us all! It’s broken down into two separate training events so you can spend time investing in one group of leaders at a time.

When you purchase the Unpacked 2 DVD, you have everything you need to put together an event that your volunteers will not soon forget! First of all, it does the teaching for you—this alone is fabulous, especially if leading a Small Group or if storytelling is not your strong suite. First Look’s own Autumn Ward takes your leaders through the Small Group Leader session. She’s been in preschool world for a long time and has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Sunday morning preschool and has lived to tell about it! She offers practical and easy advice on how to give your best as a Small Group Leader.

Sunny Williams, another First Looker, comes in for the Storyteller session and leads your volunteers on how to keep preschoolers engaged during the Bible story—no easy feat sometimes! She has nine key ingredients for making your Large Group time one that your preschoolers will look forward to each and every Sunday! After watching the first few minutes, you’ll see why we love Sunny here at First Look as well as the experience she brings to the table when if comes to storytelling!

Unpacked 2 comes with so much more than just teaching! We’ve provided you with a planning packet to help you get ready for your training event that is chocked full of useful information. There are notes that you can print for your volunteers to follow along with while watching the DVD sessions, invitations to send to your volunteers, and we’ve even included table décor ideas! All you have to do is find a date on the calendar that’s convenient for your guests, secure the room and send the invitations! It’s that easy!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Unpacked 2 from the Orange store—your volunteers will LOVE you for it!