The First Look Team received a package in the mail Monday. Exciting right?! I bet you get packages all the time. Here at the Orange offices, we do get packages pretty much daily. However, very few are actually addressed to First Look.

So, it was rather exciting!

I quickly grabbed the scissors and ripped it open.

And then, I cried.
Actual tears in my eyes.
Down my face.
I cried.

Because I felt God’s love emanating from this box.
My hands still shake even as I type.

It was a care package. Just like we used to love to get when we were in college.

A simple package, with a loving note and some goodies that say, “I get it. You’re working hard, and we appreciate it.”

It couldn’t come on a more perfect Monday.

This is crunch week here at Orange. All projects that need to be in print by Orange Conference MUST be done this week. People are running hither and yon making sure i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Artwork is flying through email. There is meeting on top of meeting. It is a high pressure, get it done, week.

In the midst of the to-dos, we can lose the why we dos. This package with the cute kid pictures and awesome note re-centered both me and my whole team.

So, thank you.

Thank you to the leader who took the time to send the package. Thank you for sending us God’s love in a box.


The question that now haunts me: Who needs me to send them a box of God’s love?