(I get to say this after living in Georgia for five years. In another five, I can graduate to “All y’all.”)
Have you checked out our Project:Shine materials on the download matrix yet? We are incredibly excited to launch this special Christmas partnership with The 410 Bridge to raise money for solar lights and textbooks for kids in Kenya.
I can’t think of a better time to do it. Jesus’ birth is all about spreading light in dark places. And for kids in many Kenya villages, that light takes on more than one meaning! In Kenya, the chance to stay in school depends on test grades. But if you don’t have textbooks to study, or light in the evenings to study by… getting top grades is nearly impossible. You’ll be required to stop your education around age 11 or 12 and start learning a trade.
This means every $65 dollars raised for a dependable solar light and set of textbooks can make the difference between a child:
a)     Being forced to drop out of school in junior high
b)    Continuing their education and fully developing the gifts God has given them!
Think about it:
sixty. five. dollars.
(That’s a nice dinner at The Outback.)
What’s more, The 410 Bridge has built close connections with the leadership in several Kenyan villages, so the lights and textbooks Orange families provide are part of a larger vision to see communities changed from the inside out.
Kids are at the heart of this vision. But don’t take our word for it. Let Nyakato Evaline tell you her story below. Then hop over to the download matrix and take a look at the Project:Shine Leader Kit to get started.
Y’all: Time to Shine!
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