I was making an ice cream sundae for my 7 year old last week. As we poured the hot fudge, I set the spoon down and he asked for “just a little bit more.” So I gave him another spoon of fudge (it is summertime, after all) and he asked for “even just a little bit more.” I could’t help but laugh! Don’t we all have times when we want just a little bit more of a great thing?
That’s the way we felt about the Parent CUE app. It was great! We loved it! But we wanted just a little bit more.
So I’m happy to announce the new Parent CUE app—now with a little bit more!
The biggest “more” that we’re offering you is an entire section of the app devoted to cueing parents of preschoolers. Don’t you remember those preschool days? Preschool parents need all the help they can get. The content of this app is linked with Orange’s First Look curriculum, so check out the First Look blog for more info about it.
But wait, there’s more! We want to offer parents of elementary kids more cues, too. So this updated app will have lots of chances to help parents and kids connect.
When you get the app, you’ll automatically get all of these cues:

  • DriveTime: weekly 252 Story videos, monthly song clip
  • HangTime: weekly activities, monthly Discovery and MC Haggis videos
  • MealTime: weekly Parent & Kid questions
  • NEW BedTime: weekly reference to verses in Scripture being taught that week with link to BibleGateway
  • ParentTime: 252 Preview video, Parent Link Live podcast, Orange Parents blog posts

For parents who want just a little bit more, they’ll have the chance to purchase the following content on a monthly or annual basis:

  • DriveTIme: weekly 252 Movie videos, monthly music video
  • HangTime: weekly Get reel videos, monthly Studio 252 episode
  • MealTime:  weekly discussion guides
  • BedTime: weekly bed time story w/ illustration

The content on the app loads on a daily basis, so no parent should ever feel overwhelmed. But if you miss one day’s cue, just click on the This Month section of ParentTime to find the CUE feed, a list of the previous cues from that month. At the beginning of each month, all of the content will turn over to help parents get ready for a fresh new topic.
We’re super excited about this new Parent CUE app. We hope you are, too! Download these files to help tell all the families in your ministry about this new app!