This month, the kids in your ministry will discover that WISDOM is finding out what you should do and doing it. Sometimes that means discovering other peoples’ needs and doing something about them!

At Orange, we’ve discovered a special need that we’d like you to consider for your Christmas giving project. We’ve partnered with a fantastic organization called 410 Bridge for our Christmas giving project. 410 Bridge works through a relational model, forming close connections with individual communities in developing nations like Kenya and Haiti. Their work empowers local leaders to truly own the change in their communities.

One of the keys to change in any community is the kids! In Kenya, a child’s ability to continue their education past age 12 or 13 (and have a greater chance of developing their God-given talents) is determined by their test scores. In communities where 410 Bridge works, like Kawira, Kiria, and Michura, school kids often have to share a single textbook with up to five other kids. And when they come home in the evening, they face survival chores—like working the field and hauling water.

By the time they do have a chance to study, it’s dark. With no electricity, they must either skip study time or rely on kerosene lamps that often cause terrible injuries and fires.

This is where you and the kids and families in your ministry come in! Through Project:Shine, the kids in your ministry can raise funds that will provide a complete set of textbooks and a solar-powered light to individual school kids in one of 410 Bridge’s Kenyan communities. With the ability to study and learn more effectively, these kids have a far greater chance of being allowed to stay in school and develop their gifts—becoming doctors, leaders, teachers and artists.

Quite simply, a little bit of light from the kids in your ministry can help a child in Kenya change their community—and change the world!

Check out our Leader Kit in the December download matrix for a detailed summary of all the materials we’re making available to your leadership team. The key element is a special Parent CUE that will help the individual families in your ministry create an evening, or even a full day, around what it’s like not to have light and electricity and how they, as a family, can do something about it.