Volunteers, let’s do this!

Easter is like the volunteer Super Bowl with Kingdom impact as the prize.

Volunteer influence on first time visitors is going to be huge!

Whenever that volunteer smiles and warmly greets any family of a preschooler, they are going to inspire them to want to come back for more.

As they create an environment where every little person feels safe and secure, they demonstrate that God’s family can be trusted.

Every time they go the extra mile to ease a parent’s concern or erase a child’s fear, they are going to leave a great lasting impression.

Face it, there’s nothing that speaks quite as loudly as having someone care about you, with no expectation of anything in return.

Who wouldn’t want to come back to a church that serves families like that?

So, its time for every volunteer to suit up.
Love fully.
Give freely.
Smile joyfully.

And, let’s expect our God to do some amazing things through all of us as we celebrate that Jesus is alive!