Ahoy Matey!

We are SO excited about this summer’s Clubhouse Pirate Adventure! During the months of June and July, our preschoolers will be on the hunt for the greatest treasure ever—the Bible!

Each week, our pirate friends will discover another verse from God’s Word. We are so excited about all the nuggets they will discover throughout their adventure.

As we wrote our pirate adventure, we discovered the need to change a few things on the previously posted scope and sequence. All the changes have been made to the Scope and Sequence in the Training Tab and on the What Is Orange website. Or, you can download it here.

June July 2014

The Clubhouse Pirate Adventure deviates just a bit from our normal Make It True format. For the months of June and July, you will discover that there is no Intro Sketch and the Bible Story indicates a need for two interacting characters. We highly encourage you to search your Small Group Leaders and even local high schools and colleges for two or more quality actors/storytellers to use this summer.

Alternately, you could plan to use the Wonder! DVD for the entire summer. Our clubhouse friends, Martin, Maggie, and Mabel will be on the Clubhouse Pirate Adventure with you. The June DVD will be available on the reThink Store at the beginning of April.

The clubhouse kids are the stars for the Clubhouse Pirate Adventure, and they’ve had a great time shooting the series. They are excited to share God’s Word with your preschool friends.

Mabel and Martin Pirates


We’ll have lots more to share when June goes live on April 1, but we wanted to get you in the mood for our pirate fun. We can’t wait to hear little preschool voices singing out “The Bible is better than gold!”