We all want our children to have an everyday faith. Not a faith that just lives at church, but a faith that goes with them everywhere they go. But how do we help kids grow their faith from something they think only happens at church, to knowing their faith is actually a part of them no matter where they are?

Well, for starters, they have got to interact with God outside the walls of the church. If they only open their Bibles or pray at church, they will begin to think (if they don’t already), that church is the only place for faith.

I love that helping kids take their faith outside of church and into their everyday lives is a priority at Orange! Kids are provided with multiple tools within the curriculum to help them learn how to do this. Each week, they are provided with a GodTime card, which gives them the opportunity to crack open their Bibles four days each week. It encourages them to look up a Scripture and then challenges them with an activity, a set of questions or maybe some kind of a game. The card also gives them an example of a short prayer that relates to the Scripture for that day. When kids see Scripture laid out next to everyday situations, they begin to see that their faith IS made for their everyday lives!

Parents are also provided with a Parent CUE card to help them have intentional follow-up conversations with their children about what they learned at church. When everyday conversations begin happening about faith, kids begin to understand how what they learn at church translates into their Monday through Saturday life.

Good, bad or indifferent, we know many kids are “plugged-in” electronically. To leverage this for taking their faith outside of the church walls, Orange has developed the Studio252.tv website. A spot where families can review the Bible lesson for the week, have intentional MealTime discussions, participate in a Bible challenge question and get ideas for stories to tell at BedTime—and this is just scratching the surface of ways Studio252.tv can help kids take their faith home!

Bottom line: Provide children with the opportunity to open their Bibles, talk about God and be challenged at home with opportunities to grow their faith. Using the tools already provided for you through Orange is a fantastic place to start!