Preschool leaders, are your volunteers in need of some fresh motivation right about now? Are some of your team members ready for a next step if someone were available to train them? Or is it simply time to refresh and re-energize your amazing people?

We thought so.

That’s why I am so excited to invite you to our Live to Serve event this spring. We can help you do that! Our goal is to help your volunteers get the most out of their serving experience each week. We’ve created a three-hour gathering that will inspire, develop and value them as we have fun together. When they walk out, we want them to feel like they get to do one of the most important jobs in the Kingdom as they help shape faith in preschoolers.

And leaders, we haven’t forgotten about you either. We offer leadership coaching in the afternoon that same day so you can grow as well. Our team has experienced practitioners who know what ministry is like Sunday to Sunday. Join us as we talk about volunteer strategy, time management, social media and what kids need most in ministry.

So go check out Live to Serve and sign up today!