Make Waves Kids Devotional

Question for you: What if you invite a generation of kids to make waves?

When you throw a rock into a pond, it creates ripples that spread out all throughout the water. The rock creates small, circular waves.

We think that when you teach kids to make waves, they can impact the world around them. And not just by stirring things up, but by making a positive difference in the world! That’s why we believe that every kid in your ministry needs to know why God plopped them on this Earth – to make waves in the world around them.

We created a devotional called Make Waves that focuses on the fruit of God’s Spirit to help them learn just that. Check out all there is to learn in this 9-week devotional!


About the Make Waves Kids Devotional

This interactive devotional is by nationally known speaker and leader Kellen Moore from the popular Youtube channel The So & So Show. Kellen teaches kids about God’s Spirit and making waves in their own lives through. . .

  • 9 weeks of engaging activities (with something fun to do on every page)
  • 4 days of devotions for each week to help kids work out those faith muscles as they build the habit of spending regular time with God
  • A hands-on challenge to put the key principles from the week into practice

This devotional aligns with Orange’s Make Waves VBS 2022 theme, but it can be used at any point throughout the year. It’s great for kids who want to take a next step in their faith, send-home gifts for VBS, or connecting with parents and families this summer.


Preorder Make Waves Kids Devotional

When kids learn that the same God who made the oceans made them, it will inspire them to make waves in their own lives. As they grow in their spiritual journeys, don’t miss out on supporting their growth with this engaging devotional. Get in on all the fun, and preorder your Make Waves devotional today!