My kids are so lucky: they get almost 3 weeks off school for Christmas break! When we saw this year’s school calendar, we were thrilled to plan extended visits with out-of-town family. But as we started making arrangements, we realized the downside: we were going to miss two Sundays of church in a row. For my husband and I, that’s not so bad since our church shows weekly services online. But how can we keep the kids connected while we’re traveling? There hasn’t been a great solution to this predicament, until now—
Studio 252 is excited to announce the new Studio 252 Live!
Studio 252 Live is a family experience that digs into the month’s life app, with something different every week like special guests, crazy challenges and great music. This sketch comedy broadcasts every Sunday at 10 am, 1 pm, and 5 pm (eastern). Just go to on your computer, tablet, or mobile device to check it out.
Studio 252 Live launches Sunday, December 1, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. So you’ve got a couple weeks to tell the families in your ministry about it. Download our Studio 252 Live promo package to spread the word!
And, if you have a chance, let us know what you think about the beta version of our site that’s available now.