Good friends stick together! And the April widget will help them do just that!
The Friendship Fastener Game gives each kid 4 fasteners so they can go home and stick with their friends all week long. The game also has ideas for fun activities kids can try to do while they stick together.
Order Friendship Fastener Games from the Orange Store while supplies last. Or, if you want each month’s widget at a guaranteed price, sign up for Design a CUE XP. Just log in to the curriculum download site and click “Monthly Products Autoship Signup” in the top right corner.
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If you want to talk about the Friendship Fastener Game during large group this month, you can use the following paragraphs:
Week 2: Use this paragraph as the second paragraph in the Host closer:
HOST: “That’s what friends are supposed to do – encourage one another and cheer each other up. We should try to be happy when a friend does something good, and be strong when a friend needs our help. You could even take your Friendship Fastener widgets and encourage each other by creating a circle of friendship! There are many ways to build each other up. That’s the one thing about friendship to remember today: [Impress] Friends encourage one another.”
Week 4: Use this as the opening paragraph in the Host opener:
HOST: “Well, HELLO, my friends! It’s time for the highlight of my week – hanging out with you… and you… and him… and her… and all of you! (Pointing around the room) Speaking of hanging out with each other, how many of you used your Friendship Fastener widgets? How many people did you connect together in your circle of friendship? Anyone get your fasten your whole small group together? (Take a few answers). Hanging out with others is a lot of what friendship is all about right? Friendship is spending time with someone you trust and enjoy.”