Amy Grisham

Amy Grisham loves getting the opportunity to brainstorm with leaders as they work to make their ministries fantastic places where kids learn about having a relationship with Jesus. She thinks it's so cool to see how God has wired leaders to do what He has called them to do. She also loves being a mother and wife and doing ministry as a family, as her boys, ages 11 and 13, start to come into their own and begin to see how God has wired them! She admits to being an embarrassingly rabid fan of any team her boys play on. She says, “I am definitely one of 'those' moms at the ballpark—but only because I'm the world's biggest cheerleader for my boys!”

Episode 32

OKP 032: Not Normal Volunteers – How to Retain instead of Recruit

This week, Adam Duckworth, volunteer coordinator at Downtown Harbor Church in Fort Lauderdale, joins hosts Mike, Gina, and Kellen to discuss the thing we can’t survive without: volunteers! Read More

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Secret Sauce for ORANGE in a Small Church

Over the last 9 years I’ve had the awesome opportunity to connect with (conservatively) hundreds of amazing leaders. While it might come as a surprise, the majority of churches using… Read More

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Exhausted. Frustrated. Discouraged. Burned out.

Unfortunately, these are words that have become synonymous with leading a ministry. Why? Because we are so busy concentrating on helping others connect with God that we forget that we… Read More

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Creative “Thank Yous” for Volunteers

“Thank you.” Don’t you feel appreciated when someone says those two words to you? So simple, yet so impactful! We like to hear it said to us, but do we… Read More

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An EVERYday Faith for Kids

We all want our children to have an everyday faith. Not a faith that just lives at church, but a faith that goes with them everywhere they go. But how… Read More