Amy Grisham

Amy Grisham loves getting the opportunity to brainstorm with leaders as they work to make their ministries fantastic places where kids learn about having a relationship with Jesus. She thinks it's so cool to see how God has wired leaders to do what He has called them to do. She also loves being a mother and wife and doing ministry as a family, as her boys, ages 11 and 13, start to come into their own and begin to see how God has wired them! She admits to being an embarrassingly rabid fan of any team her boys play on. She says, “I am definitely one of 'those' moms at the ballpark—but only because I'm the world's biggest cheerleader for my boys!”

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Benefits of Providing Special Needs Dedicated Space

One of the best ways to facilitate special needs inclusion is to assign a one-on-one helper or “buddy” to participants with learning differences or disabilities. Yet, even with buddies, some… Read More

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6 Ways to Support the Family of a Child with Special Needs

Both the number and percentage of Americans with a disability are on the rise (1). And with the skyrocketing rate of autism diagnoses—1/50 children; 1/31 boys, (2)—every children’s ministry leader… Read More

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Senior Adults Serving in Children’s Ministry

You may just have an untapped gold mine right down the hall from your children’s ministry area! We have had several leaders share with us just how they dug in… Read More

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Transitioning New Kids into Small Groups

It’s what we all want to see, right? Growth in our children’s ministry. But now, you have moved to the model of the consistent Small Group. One leader, assigned to… Read More

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Rowland Road Baptist Church

Rowland Road Baptist Church in Monroe, LA is doing great things with their monthly theme decorations! Check out their look for Rooted. You may notice each of the water droplets… Read More