Ashley Litton

Ashley Litton has been deeply woven into the thread of kids and family ministry for roughly 15 years. She has faithfully served in her local church in many different capacities, including Small Group Leader, FX and VBS Worship Leader, VBS Group Leader, VBS Coach, and Elementary Coach. She and her husband, Kevin, enjoy working alongside each other on staff at Liberty Live Church in Hampton Roads, Virginia. As the Kidville Global Groups Specialist, she spends her time and energy investing in the folks who are on the front lines of kids ministry. When Ashley isn’t working, she enjoys Saturdays on the sidelines of her 9-year old son’s soccer games…or creating artistic masterpieces with her 7-year old son…or sipping a cup of afternoon tea while chatting with her 5-year old daughter. Ashley’s writing is squeezed into the nooks and crannies of her busy life. She has a passion for using words in order to connect and provide others with support, encouragement, inspiration, and camaraderie.

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