The Clubhouse Pirate Adventure Story Map!

Ahoy, Mateys!!! It's time for the Clubhouse Pirate Adventure and we are so excited to launch this this treasure hunt for your preschoolers as we help them see that the… Read More

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What’s YOUR Question?

This afternoon we will be hosting the First Look Interactive during Pre-Conference at Orange Conference 2014.  We will be asking everyone who attends: "What is the number one question you… Read More

Orange Strategy

Make It Your Own: A Guest Post

One of the unique features of Orange curriculum is that it is highly customizable.  It's why each week there are multiple resources that a leader can choose from in order… Read More

Orange Strategy

Snapshot of a Leader

What does a leader look like?  How can you spot a leader?  Yes, he's the one who's setting the course, leading the way and determining the path of those who… Read More

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Planning Your Easter Follow-Up Now!

Easter and Christmas! These two seasons of celebrations are also occasions where you probably have not only the highest attendance in your children’s ministry, but the highest percentage of visitors!… Read More