Brandon O’Dell started contract writing with The reThink Group in 2005 before being roped into being a full-time staff member in 2007. He has written scripts for Family Experience, 252 Basics large group, and Camp Kidjam, but his primary focus is Feature Presentation, which includes fully dramatized versions of Bible stories.

Episode 03

“The Talk” Doesn’t Speak – How to Introduce Phase-Appropriate Sexual Integrity Conversations

Dr. Jim Burns of HomeWord ministry joins hosts Mike Clear, Gina McClain, and Kellen Moore to discuss phase-appropriate ways of introducing sexual integrity to preschool and elementary students and how… Read More

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Orange Fuel

Every year, our company somehow manages to host The Orange Conference here in Atlanta. It is a vast undertaking that requires months of planning, a bevy of volunteers, and four… Read More

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Interview with Kelly from The Kelley Show

One of our more popular segments in 252 Movie is The Kelly Show. We had a moment to sit down with the show’s energetic host, Kelly. 252 – Kelly, thank… Read More

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Practice What You Preach

If a month has five Sundays in it, we use that fifth week to highlight a faith skill. These are skills we believe are beneficial in growing one’s relationship with… Read More

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More Than a Story

Recently, I read A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. Among other things, the book encourages left brain thinkers to use their right brains more in order to survive in… Read More