Carrie Hood

FX Director at Village Church

Carrie’s involvement in children’s ministry began over 15 years ago with Kidstuf at Buckhead Church in Atlanta. Since then, she has acted in, directed, and produced a variety of children’s ministry productions. She also produced Orange’s 252 Movie for seven years and serves as a storyteller for First Look. Carrie is a professional actor in theatre, film, and television, and lives in Hayesville, North Carolina, with her husband, Ryan, and their two kids, Porter and Waverly. They attend Village Church, where Carrie helped launch the first Village FX in 2014 and currently serves as the FX Director.

Episode 18

OKP 018: Jingle Jam! – Creating a Christmas Party Big Enough for the Whole Family

This week Carrie Hood, FX Director at Village Church in Hayesville, North Carolina, joins hosts Mike, Gina, and Kellen to share her experience in launching a Jingle Jam to engage… Read More