Dan Scott

Dan Scott is the Large Group Director for 252 Basics Group. He spends most of his time leading the creative team of talented writers that innovate our large group environments. Prior to coming on board at Orange, Dan served as the Elementary Children’s Director at Ada Bible Church. He enjoys traveling around the country coaching children’s ministry leaders and speaking to kids and students. Dan and his wife Jenna live in Cumming, GA and have four amazing kids: Liam, Ellison, Addison, and Taye.

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The Road to Peace

Every morning on the way to work, I travel a road that seems like a never-ending construction site. Workers have been perfecting this throughway for months, but it seems like… Read More

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Coming this fall: 252 for Tweens

Church leaders continually tell us that their fourth and especially fifth graders are simply checking out of church. Even if they're physically present in the environment, they are mentally checking… Read More

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Summer XP (VBS): Orange’s Living Inside Out

Does this sound familiar? You’re hanging up the new 2014 wall calendar at the office. You glance down the sheet and suddenly realize summer is just around the corner. Your… Read More

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DIY: Build a "Treasure Hunt" Satellite

In November's "Create the Environment" for Treasure Hunt, we suggested that you could create a satellite out of some simple supplies you can get at any discount store. We wanted to make sure… Read More

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Faith Skills

Knowing God doesn’t happen in a moment. It’s not like you wake up one morning and BAM—you know God, you have Him all figured out, everything there is to know,no… Read More