Daniel De Jesus

Daniel is the unofficial staff hip hop dance instructor on the Orange Kids staff. He has a degree in Photography, a Masters in Ministerial Leadership and works full-time as an Orange Product Specialist. When Daniel isn’t answering your questions or interacting in our Facebook groups, he is likely playing board games with his daughters, blogging or drinking copious amounts of black coffee.

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A Kidmin Guide to Orange Membership

The Orange Membership gives leaders access to a library full of practical ministry resources with the answers to your most-asked questions. Read More

How To | Technology

Building A Social Media Strategy for Children’s Ministry

In this digital age, there’s no denying space must be made for learning to effectively engage those in your sphere of influence in new ways. Nearly every school, corporation, non-profit,… Read More

How To | Technology | VBS

How to Edit a PDF for VBS (or anything else!)

Hey friends! My name is Daniel with the team at Orange. Today I want to share a quick video tutorial on how to get most out of using the PDFs… Read More