After several psychological evaluations, Jon was deemed “capable” of joining the writing team at reThink. The meandering, babbling rants he calls “scripts” and “creativity” have been published against Reggie Joiner’s better judgment. However, The reThink Group remains hopeful that Jon will be worth the $50 signing bonus they paid him and that his writing talents will one day match his ability to eat food. Jon is happily married to Sunny and has two wonderful kids named Dora and Bobby.

Episode B

OKP Bonus: Coronavirus and Remote Solutions For Your Kids Ministry

As a ministry leader, you’re navigating big decisions about whether to meet in person, cancel activities, or continue services remotely. Even if you choose to meet, many families may be… Read More

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Easter Director’s Note

March Week 5 - Easter! Read More

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FUN is Only a Three Letter Word

I recently attended my church’s Christmas services with my wife, my parents, and my wife’s mother.  We were very excited about it because we had heard that our church had… Read More

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Prop Building

So, if you have been doing FX for any length of time, you have probably run across a script that asks you to build or supply a prop or set… Read More

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Star Wars was better when it had a tiny budget.

SO, I can already feel some of the Star Wars purists rising up in defense.  Bowing their backs, as they so often do, like a bantha defending itself in the… Read More