Kathy Hill

Kathy lives outside of Atlanta with her awesome hubby, David, and drama daughter, Maggie. She loves all things Disney, unsweet tea, and preschoolers. Kathy's current role is Director of Preschool Curriculum, and she feels amazingly blessed to be part of this incredible team.

Orange Strategy | Preschool

What’s Different About Crawlers and Toddlers?

Crawlers and toddlers are at a different phase than their older preschool friends, so they need a separate curriculum. Learn about it here! Read More
Episode 32

OKP 032: Not Normal Volunteers – How to Retain instead of Recruit

This week, Adam Duckworth, volunteer coordinator at Downtown Harbor Church in Fort Lauderdale, joins hosts Mike, Gina, and Kellen to discuss the thing we can’t survive without: volunteers! Read More
Episode 30

OKP 030: Creating an Inclusive Kids Ministry – Make It Personal for Every Child

Welcome to the Orange Kids Podcast, where we talk about the big ideas of kids’ ministry and discuss practical solutions to our weekly challenges. This week, Nan Britt, Director of… Read More
Episode B

OKP Bonus: Coronavirus and Remote Solutions For Your Kids Ministry

As a ministry leader, you’re navigating big decisions about whether to meet in person, cancel activities, or continue services remotely. Even if you choose to meet, many families may be… Read More