Kathy Hill

Kathy lives outside of Atlanta with her awesome hubby, David, and drama daughter, Maggie. She loves all things Disney, unsweet tea, and preschoolers. Kathy's current role is Director of Preschool Curriculum, and she feels amazingly blessed to be part of this incredible team.

Orange Strategy

New First Look Download Matrix

Our new download matrix is here! We told you it was coming, and now it’s live! Take a minute to log in to your First Look account and click around.… Read More

How To | Parents

Changes: Strategic Environments

Strategic environments isn't really a change. I mean, it’s an Orange Strategy many of you’ve been doing for years. The change is that we’ve labeled the different environments for the… Read More

How To | Preschool

Professor Fantastic’s Laboratory

We at First Look are getting excited about our October unit, Fantastically Made, and it’s host Professor Fantastic. Have you met Professor Fantastic? He’s, well, FANTASTIC! I know many of… Read More

Orange Strategy

It’s Time!

It's time! It's time! REGISTRATION FOR ORANGE CONFERENCE 2012 OPENS TODAY! You're going to want to sign up. Really you are! Don't believe me? See what our bloggy friends around… Read More

Orange Strategy

Changes : First Look Download Page

Change: We love it. We hate it. Here at First Look, we’re all about changing for the BETTER. Every change to anything in the First Look curriculum is thought about,… Read More