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Impacting the World

Often, when we think of children impacting the world around them, our minds drift to students going on mission trips or older kids collecting canned goods for the local food… Read More

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Embracing Your Inner Child

A few Sunday’s ago, I sat in awe as I watched one of our volunteers do what she does best, make our preschoolers double over in laughter. She walked out… Read More

Orange Strategy

Quality VS Quantity

Our writers do a wonderful job creating interactive activities each month. Great care is taken to make sure each activity is age and developmentally appropriate. It is then your job,… Read More

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Elevating Environments Part 1

We asked Jennifer Stowell, an amazing leader at Discovery Church in California, to share some tips for transforming preschool environments into engaging spaces. She had so many fabulous ideas, we… Read More

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Prepping For Activities

One question I am frequently asked from First Look users is, “What is the best way to prep the activities?” I love that users ask this, because it means that… Read More