Matt McKee

Episode Ext

OKP Extra: A Free Digital Easter Experience For Your Whole Family Ministry

Easter is a huge celebration for the Church, but as we all know, Easter looks a lot different this year. In light of COVID-19, we’re all experiencing quite a bit… Read More
Episode B

OKP Bonus: Coronavirus and Remote Solutions For Your Kids Ministry

As a ministry leader, you’re navigating big decisions about whether to meet in person, cancel activities, or continue services remotely. Even if you choose to meet, many families may be… Read More
Episode 27

OKP 027: Leading Up – Offer Solutions, Not Demands

This week Cindy Fiala, family pastor and leadership coach, joins hosts Mike, Gina, and Kellen discuss healthy ways to lead up. Read More
Episode 26

OKP 026: Make It Fun – Engaging Kids Through Game Play

This week Brad and Brian Sitton, founders of Crowd Control Games, join hosts Mike, Gina, and Kellen to discuss the value of fun in helping spiritual principles stick. Read More