Misty Phillips

Misty Phillips loves connecting, talking strategy and problem solving with leaders. Learning must never stop as you lead—she learned this as a Children’s Ministry leader while she and her husband had four kids. The fun never stops at Misty’s house!

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The Strengths Zone

Ever ask a kid what it is they really enjoy doing, or what they think they are great at? It’s fun. It doesn’t take long for them to give a… Read More

Advice from Orange Specialists | Elementary | Orange Strategy

Leading From Your Strength

Ever identify with that infamous circus act of spinning plates? If you’re a ministry leader I’m sure you can relate to this visual. If there is a Guinness record for… Read More

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Three Es to Keep Your Team Motivated

The Bible has lots to say about our faith with being equated to a race. It says we must run it. We’re told to run to win and forget what… Read More

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First Impressions

It’s amazing how strong a first impression can be. Stop and recall some of your best first-time experiences as a kid. Teachers, sports teams and more, all hold either really… Read More

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Creating Great Stage Sets

Janice Hunter, Director of Children's Ministries at Hope Missionary Church in Indianapolis, sent us these great pic of some of their recent stage sets. Here's how she does it: "One… Read More