Phil Summers

Orange Kids Specialist

Phil was an elementary school teacher (mostly 6th grade) for about 10 years while also small group leading 2nd graders on Sundays at his church which was a new church plant at the time. He eventually moved into the Elementary Kids Ministry Director role where he became more familiar and passionate about the Orange strategy. Now as an Orange Kids Specialist, he loves having conversations with church partners about how to implement the Orange strategy in their specific ministry context.

Special Needs

Autism Acceptance Month and the Church

As I think back to my time as a ministry leader, the most moving stories are from families impacted by Special Needs. When some parents walk into church, they're hoping… Read More

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Setting Up Kids Ministry Volunteers to Win

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How To | Orange Strategy | Special Needs

Curriculum Adaptations to Support Kids With Special Needs

For many families, church is a safe space of encouragement, support, and connection. Not only do adults get opportunities to learn about God and connect with others, but children do,… Read More
Episode B

OKP Bonus: Coronavirus and Remote Solutions For Your Kids Ministry

As a ministry leader, you’re navigating big decisions about whether to meet in person, cancel activities, or continue services remotely. Even if you choose to meet, many families may be… Read More

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Partnering with Parents of Kids with Special Needs

We recently asked some ministry leaders to share what they’re currently doing to support and partner with families with children with special needs during this time. Here are some main… Read More