Phil Pierce is originally from Southern California. While there, he worked for Disney, CBS, NBC and “Seinfeld”. He currently lives in Roswell, Georgia with his wife and three of his four kids. Phil has worked for Orange since 2004, and writes the monthly poster text while also being on the writing teams for Studio 252, FX, Get Reel and is on the creative team for 252 Basics.

Episode 02

Donuts Speak Louder – Communicating with Volunteers

Aaron & Karen Collier, children’s pastor and preschool director at Piedmont Church in Marietta, Ga., visit to talk communicating with your ministry volunteers when it comes to training, vision casting,… Read More
Episode 01

My Cup (Doesn’t) Runneth Over – How to Refresh for the New Year

Pull out the party hats, noisemakers and super fancy party drinks (for those in preschool world). It’s a new year! And you’ve discovered our brand-new Orange Kids Podcast, where we… Read More
Episode 00

Three Kid Min Leaders and a Baby (Podcast)

Welcome to the first ever Orange Kids Podcast where we talk kids’ ministry and discuss practical solutions to our weekly challenges! You’re in on the ground floor. The birth episode.… Read More

Elementary | Orange Strategy

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Yesterday was a big day at our house. I knew this day would be coming soon, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen now. I thought I had more time… Read More

Elementary | How To

God was at the Beach

It’s true. God was at the beach. I know that different versions of that statement have been said before. And it’s true…God is everywhere. But on the evening of Friday,… Read More