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Worship and Kids

These past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the recordings of incredible Orange Conference breakouts by Joy Bowen and Yancy. These ladies have great insight on what… Read More

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Announcing: Amber Sky Records Gift Cards

We have a new option for connecting your families with the music you use every week. Amber Sky Records now has Gift Cards available to help give families access to… Read More

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Bringing His Finest Excellence

When he was a child, Rudy remembers listening to music and feeling like he could never get enough of it. Since then Rudy has made music his life. He realized… Read More

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Orange Music

Amber Sky Records, a division of Orange, is a website where kids, parents and leaders can get downloadable music, videos, charts and much more—think an Orange iTunes store. Now, with… Read More

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God’s Magnificent Purpose

Will Entrekin is a 20-year-old college student at the University of Georgia. He is getting his degree in mass media arts and music business. He began his interest in music… Read More