New parents are on a constant road to discovery. When they become pregnant, new parents begin absorbing all the information they can on how they can take care of their newborn; how they can be the best parent ever; how they can help their child succeed. Often, this leads them back to the church because they feel there may be something there that will help.

We created the Baby Dedication Celebration product just for those parents. By following the program as it is designed, you can cast vision to these new parents through podcasts and short meetings. Then, with their homework, they are introduced to the concepts of “Keeping the end in mind” and “Make it personal,” building blocks for both their newborn’s faith and theirs.

Finally, there is the Baby Dedication event itself. Whether you are dedicating 20 babies or two babies, this event offers a time to pray over each family and allows these new parents to publicly profess that they plan to raise their child with God’s help. What a powerful moment for these new parents. What an opportunity for you, the church, to partner with them.

Baby Dedication Celebration is the first step for a new parent to learn about the Orange Strategy. It introduces them to the preschool ministry and the partnership you want to provide. Be sure to keep in contact with them via the Parent Cue offered with each month’s curriculum. When their baby becomes a toddler, invite them to attend the Create A Rhythm training so they can be reminded that investing in their preschooler’s spiritual development is a daily thing.

If you haven’t already, take some time to investigate the Baby Dedication Celebration product. Your newborn parents will thank you.

Do you use Baby Dedication Celebration at your church? If so, what’s your favorite part?