I wish you could have heard the squeals coming from the row in front of me as the plane accelerated and lifted into the air. Or seen the wide-eyed glee in the seats next to me as the buildings began looking less like skyscrapers and more like Lego models.
My kids had flown several times as toddlers, but this was the first flight where they were aware of the sheer awe of taking flight.
We only have one first time to experience lift-off and landing, soaring above the clouds, and looking down on the tiny cars on the interstate.
This flight didn’t disappoint. My kids were enraptured with WONDER.
I believe this same thing happens when we first encounter the awesome story of the God who created the heavens and the earth, parted the Red Sea, and raised His Son back to life to save us.
When we hear those stories for the first time, they incite WONDER in our hearts. They cause us to squeal with glee that Someone loved His people enough to rescue them time and again.
What about the second or third or twenty-second time we hear those stories?
On our return flight, the kids were more excited about the beverage service than they were about the take-off and landing. They were more engrossed in their hand-held games than what was happening outside the plane. From here on out, each time they fly, they’ll take more and more for granted. What once incited WONDER will be ignored.
The same happens when we hear Bible stories again and again. We take the moments of WONDER for granted. We expect God to send the manna, to help the boy kill the giant, and to raise the King of kings from the dead. We stop being enamored with the most amazing story ever told.
The Orange Strategy is built on a scope and cycle grounded in Wonder, Discovery and Passion. We want to incite WONDER in our kids, provoke DISCOVERY of how they fit into God’s Story, and fuel PASSION for them to live out their faith in the real world.
Scope is important. Everyone needs a plan. However, we don’t want to get so lost in the scope that we forget the importance of cycle.
In the scope and cycle of 252 Basics, we return to stories and virtues with an end in mind. We hope that each time a story is told that kids once again encounter an awesome, wonderful God who loves them. We want our kids to feel like they’re hearing these stories for the first time, every time they’re presented.
We hope that you do the same.
We’d love to hear how you’re helping to incite WONDER in your environment.