I watched as Nik Wallenda walk across Hellhole Bend Canyon.  He prayed and sweated, and tiptoed, and balanced and even ran for over 20 minutes across a 1500 foot deep canyon.  And as much work as I’m sure that had to be, honestly, … he made it look easy.  If it weren’t for the dizzying helicopter shots zooming over and around him showing the canyon walls and tiny river flowing so far below him it looked like he was in a Roadrunner cartoon, he could have been walking across a living room rug.
I’m not saying the feat was easy.  I’m saying exactly the opposite. He’s the first guy to ever do walk across that canyon on a wire.  He may be the only guy to ever walk across that canyon on a wire.
I am saying it looked like one guy doing something impossible.  A single man on a wire involved in a super human endeavor as everyone else watched.  But that isn’t what really happened.   Yes, he walked the wire.  Yes he was out there alone, but he wasn’t all by himself.
Preparation for that walk had taken place by a team working for over a year.  A road was built.  A small staging area with buildings, power, water, and special drainage systems were put in place.  Engineers, electricians, pilots, construction crews, crane operators, and local law enforcement were all coordinated to make this even happen.  A crew of over 175 people were working intently while we watched Nik Wallenda on the wire.  All our eyes were on a single man and a single moment without really thinking about how much had gone on behind the scenes to make it all happen.  Without all of those other people, Nik would not have been on that wire.
And that brings us to FX.  It’s summer, and it’s time to be preparing for your FX season in the fall.  Many FX environments take the summer off, or decide to produce a lighter schedule.  That means it’s time to be doing all the work that will make your final production look easy.  The audience shouldn’t see how much you sweat.  They should see how much you enjoy walking out there and doing the impossible.
It may be time to talk about the structure of your tech teams.  Do you have enough stage hands?  How is your crowd control team doing in helping people feel safe and comfortable?
It could be time to cast vision and pursue training for your onstage teams.  Actors, worship leaders, and storytellers can all benefit from workshops and this summer could be the perfect time to spend some time honing their skills for the busy season.
Whatever your plans to kick off fall with your families, make sure you use the time you have right now to prepare.  When you’re out on the wire with everyone watching it may be too late.