I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “big things come in small packages.” Well, this is actually true in the ministry world as well. In reality, small tweaks often can be BIG IDEAS that result in huge impact at your church. Check out these real life examples!

Need a creative way to get kids and parents excited about CUE Box? One of our leaders in Atlanta has created tons of excitement by giving away a CUE Box a week with a challenge. Kids have to find him at church during Sunday morning, bring their parents with them, tell him the virtue and definition for the month recite the memory verse for the month, AND have their Bibles with them. The first child to find him each Sunday and to complete the requirements gets a FREE CUE Box. It’s making parents ask, “What is this thing you are giving our kids that they are so excited about?” Then he gets to cast vision about CUE Box and Studio252.tv!
Need help with curriculum prep during the week? Follow in the footsteps of one partner church in Alabama and set up a “friends” group for your children’s and preschool ministry. Stay-at-home and home-schooling moms come in twice a month to run copies and organize supplies. The older homeschooling kids help entrain the preschoolers while the moms work. Also a FANTASTIC way to create community for your moms!