These days everyone has way too much on their “To-do” list. This is especially true in ministry. Most of us wear many different hats: Children’s Director, Preschool Director, VBS coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Graphic Designer, Volunteer Coordinator, Counselor. That is not including all the personal hats we wear: mom, husband, student, cook, chauffer, maid, little league coach, PTA president, dog-walker…the list goes on! How in the world do you implement 252 Basics well and successfully? Well, YOU don’t.
Implementing 252 Basics has to be a team effort. As a leader, you have got to become great at enabling others. As a children’s director, I always used to ask myself, “What job am I doing that I can give away?” It is easy to think that all you need are small group leaders. We always need more small group leaders! While this is true, not everyone that wants to serve in your children’s ministry wants to or frankly, should be a small group leader. Have you looked at the “Job Descriptions” document in the 252 Basics curriculum downloads? It has great suggestions for different volunteer roles people can play. Here are some additional ideas:

  • Supply team- a team that comes in mid-week and gets all the supplies ready for Sunday morning. This is a great role for moms of young ones that can’t commit to volunteer on Sunday morning. (Provide childcare and you’ll have a team in no time!)
  • Environments team- a creative team that makes your environments feel like Disney World! Ok, maybe not that extreme, but creating environments that kids want to hang out in is huge. This team can help make each month’s theme come to life.
  • Admin team- Who is keeping up with attendance? Who is telling your 2nd grade small group leader when it’s little Johnny’s birthday? Who is noticing that Cindy Lou hasn’t come to church in 6 weeks? Your Admin team, that’s who!

You may be thinking, “I only have 10 kids, I can do it all!” While that may be true now, what happens if God decides to grow your ministry? What if the number of kids grows by 50%, 75%, or even 200% in the next 6 months? Why not be as prepared as possible for what God wants to do. You will be way more successful with a team than you could ever be on your own.