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Orange Kids Curriculum New Features

Great news! We have improved Orange Kids Curriculum to allow leaders to enhance their weekly experience. Check out all the new features starting Fall 2022! Read More

Special Needs

Autism Acceptance Month and the Church

As I think back to my time as a ministry leader, the most moving stories are from families impacted by Special Needs. When some parents walk into church, they're hoping… Read More


Learning About Hope in the Midst of Doubt

Do you like puzzles?   They’re the perfect rainy day activity. No matter how many puzzles we put together, there’s always something amazing about how all the pieces come together… Read More

Orange Strategy | Preschool

Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever

BFF.   Best Friend Forever.   It’s not always easy to live up to those three letters, no matter how much we throw them around. They’re written on friendship bracelets,… Read More

Elementary | Orange Kids Spotlight | Orange Strategy

How Can Kids Use Cooperation to Change the World?

There’s nothing like going to a concert and watching all the instruments come together to play something amazing. Just picture it—each musician with their own unique instrument on stage, creating… Read More

Orange Kids Spotlight | Orange Strategy | Preschool

Teaching Preschoolers About Friendship with Jesus

Friendship is a huge part of life, and it starts at the preschool age. As we grow up, we learn how to make friends, how to keep friends, and how… Read More

Elementary | Preteen | VBS

Announcing: Make Waves Kids Devotional

Question for you: What if you invite a generation of kids to make waves? When you throw a rock into a pond, it creates ripples that spread out all throughout… Read More


Unboxing Make Waves VBS 2022

It’s time to start the countdown to one of the most exciting times of the year . . . VBS! As you unbox your Orange Make Waves VBS starter kit,… Read More

Advice from Orange Specialists | Events

OC 22 Breakouts to Reimagine Multi-Site Churches

It's so hard to believe it is almost time for Orange Conference 2022! I cannot tell you how much I have missed seeing all of my partners face to face.… Read More

Elementary | Orange Strategy

Teaching Kids All About Compassion

Who doesn’t love a good party? Whether it be a block party or birthday party, a cul-de-sac party or anniversary party - they all bring a smile to our face!… Read More

Orange Strategy | Preschool

Teaching Preschoolers About God’s Love

It’s February, and love is in the air. And if you think about it, it’s easy to see how our world has a fascination with the concept of love. I… Read More

Advice from Orange Specialists | Events

My Top 5+ KidMin Breakouts at OC from an OS

While the main sessions at Orange Conference will inspire you in amazing ways to lead the next generation to follow Jesus, breakouts can help you answer some of the specific… Read More