Equipping Your Kids Volunteers in the New Year

Happy 2022! May this be the year of abundance for you and your ministry! Amen. The truth is . . . we are better together. And one thing we all… Read More

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Why You Should Talk to Kids About Self-Control

Self-control. Ever struggled with that as an adult? Whether it comes to controlling our words or controlling our appetites, all adults battle with self-control in some capacity. But imagine if… Read More

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Teaching Preschoolers Through the Power of Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? Ones that entertain, inspire and captivate us often draw us in to learn something deeper. But the very best stories have one important thing… Read More

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A Christmas Event for Your Community

Christmastime is the time that most families look for an experience they can enjoy together. Whether it’s driving through neighborhoods to see the lights or grabbing a mug of hot… Read More

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The Importance of Blending Theology and Psychology

When it comes to communicating with kid, adults often assume two things: First, they assume that kids think like we do now. Second, they assume that kids think we did… Read More

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What is FX and Why Should My Church Plan Them?

Before we start, I’d like to ask a couple of questions. Do you . . . believe that families with elementary aged kids are important to the church community? think… Read More


Walking into Winter: 4 Events for Your Children’s Ministry

As we fall into all things pumpkin spice, trunk or treat, and giving thanks, we think it’s a great time to ponder what it will feel like walking in a… Read More

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How to Appreciate KidMin Volunteers

If you’re a leader in ministry, you know how important volunteers are. They are the ones who help Sundays run smoothly, develop personal relationships with kids, and show up week… Read More


Giving Tree for Christmas with Compassion International

It may still be 80 degrees where you live. But we know that as KidMin leaders, we're beginning to think a lot like Christmas! There are themes to prep. Decorations… Read More

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Why Life Apps?

Life Apps. Virtues. Character traits. God’s Big Ideas. Whatever you call them, you might wonder why they show up in 252 Kids curriculum each month. And if you do, don’t… Read More