When he was a child, Rudy remembers listening to music and feeling like he could never get enough of it. Since then Rudy has made music his life. He realized that music was his gift as soon as he realized he wasn’t very good at sports, and he wasn’t going to accomplish his dream of becoming an astronaut. He has always been drawn to music, and even when he tried to find interest in other activities, he always found his mind wandering back to music.
Rudy performs at The Orange Conference every year, sings on multiple Amber Sky Records songs, and was recently in a music video for the virtue of honor! He loves the idea of performing for Amber Sky because he knows it’s a great way to connect with kids, and hopefully bring something positive to their lives. One of his greatest goals is to be able to connect with his audience, and bring his “best and finest excellence.”
However, Rudy’s musical talent and influence doesn’t stop with Amber Sky. Before he was a performer, he spent six years being a music teacher for kids, and loved the opportunity to be a role model. Now that he is a performer, he uses every method he can find to be a positive influence to kids and everyone else around him. Rudy also leads worship at many churches, writes his own music, and has even won awards like America’s Battle of the Bands through Hard Rock Café in 2009.
Rudy believes in the importance of looking to God for his peace and direction. He wants to teach kids that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve been through, God loves you and cares about you, “so you should seek after God and ask Him to lead you, and ask Him not just one time, but every day!”
Be on the look out for Rudy’s video this month for honor, “Let You Know.” Available on AmberSkyRecords.com.