In the past few weeks, a member of the Orange team found herself and her entire family in a very difficult situation.  She was traveling through Alabama to visit her sister when, at 27 weeks pregnant, she went into labor.  Her son, Porter, was born weighing 2.4 lbs. and was immediately taken to the NICU at the local hospital. They were three hours from their home and weren’t anywhere near the relatives they had planned on visiting.  Basically, they were stranded.  Doctors predicted it would be a 3 month stay in Montgomery, AL.
Needless to say, it was a joyous occasion while simultaneously being an incredibly difficult one.
BUT, God did something amazing.
See, one of our Orange Specialists who keeps contact with our churches in Alabama called a church that uses our curriculum just south of the Montgomery area.  She thought, maybe, they could bring a meal or something to our friends who found themselves stranded.
Todd Newsom of Hunter Hills Church in Prattville, AL answered the call.
Having recognized our friend from some of the videos they use in their large group environments and the Cue Box, Todd went into action, treating her and her husband like a member of their own church.
Todd and the members of his church helped furnish an apartment our friends had found for their stay in Montgomery.  They set up weeks of meals for them.  Even their youth group and one of their community groups took a love offering to help pay for expenses.   Basically, this church adopted our friends into their church family, took care of them and just—loved on them.
Our friends, who, for an instant, were nowhere near family, friends, or home—weren’t as far away as they thought.
I still tear up thinking about it.
THIS!!  These moments, comprised mostly of actions instead of words, is how the world sees an amazing God who loves them.
It’s breath taking. I am in awe of God’s greatness and how, even in the toughest of situations, He can show up so powerfully through those who love and serve Him.
I am hopeful that little Porter will grow up in a world where this kind of outpouring towards people in need is common place.  I hope he’ll grow up and continue to do for others as they have done for him.  He’s already making a huge impact on the world.  He’s already bringing people together in the name of God and creating moments of genuine worship with his little, blessed life.
Thank you Todd Newsom.  Thank you Hunter Hills Church. Thank you, God, for baby Porter.
Lord, be with Porter and his parents as they maneuver through this time.  Give them Peace and strength. Help all of us continue to follow Your lead as the people at Hunter Hills Church have.  Help us to worship You not just in word, but with our actions.
Brothers and Sisters, pump up the volume!!
Keep living loud.