Did you know you can have a highly effective FX that meets on a weekly, monthly or even seasonal basis? Each one of these options can be “theme park elaborate” or “no budget simple” because the amount of production doesn’t directly translate into an effective ministry. Below are three options to consider for building your FAMILY EXPERIENCE.
Weekly – allows leaders to cast vision and encourage families every seven days. If you have families that can’t attend regularly, this offers a great chance for them to connect without missing a lengthy amount of content. Parents and kids are reminded each week of a specific way to look for God in their lives at home, and the focus of your FX team is being constantly valued and developed. One of the best reasons to consider a weekly production is to give families the maximum number of opportunities to invite people who would not attend any other church event.
Monthly – provides a great way to give an overview of how your church is partnering with elementary kids and their parents. You have three weeks to anticipate, promote, tease, and invite people to participate. If you want to put significant resources into reaching families, but you realize that there is a limit to what you can demand from facilities or volunteers, then monthly could be the best solution. A Monthly FX is a great way to keep a long-term, ongoing reminder for your community that you want to partner with parents.
Seasonal – perfect to leverage a holiday, a back to school celebration, or any other special event. Parking lots, meeting rooms, backyards—it can take place anywhere you would throw a large party. Many leaders already have a budget for a fall festival or a family Christmas event, so investing the time and resources in a way that connects families to a church strategy makes a “tradition” something lasting and significant to families. A seasonal FX is perfect for a church that doesn’t have a place in their schedule for families to meet on a regular basis. A seasonal FX, more than any other category, depends on publicity to be effective. Families have to know all the “who, what, where, when, and why’s” before they find a reason to pack up the car seat and head for your environment. If you need to rally a community for a new challenge or to introduce a new church, this FX option is ideal.
Remember, an FX is flexible. Yes, there are some specific “dos” and “don’ts,” but once you start connecting parents and kids to a strategy that invites them to take the next step in their faith, you’ll never want to be without this uniquely effective environment.