Our friend Kendra Fleming recently shared some ideas about the important role of small group leaders:

As a pastor, I couldn’t possibly take credit or even begin to personally connect with all of the children and families who attend our church. It’s the small group leader who is the true pastor. They know their kids’ questions about faith, they help their kids learn what they’re ready to learn about God and they model what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus. An SGL makes a personal investment that could never be made by a staff member who is a few layers removed from what’s happening in that child’s life. Not every small group leader understands this immediately, but when they do, something amazing happens in their group. As ministry leaders, it’s our job to encourage our small group leaders to invest in their kids, to have fun with their kids and to be a guide as they help their kids take the next step in their faith. And do you know how we can fuel these things in our small group leaders? By showing them genuine appreciation.

To read her touching story of some amazing small group leaders, and get ideas for how to celebrate the volunteers in your ministry, visit the Go Weekly blog.