I love a good party. Around our house we use every holiday to create some kind of party. And if you have a birthday – just watch out! We go a little crazy. Currently we are getting ready for Easter. It is time to pull out everything pastel and egg shaped and start sprinkling bad fake grass everywhere. It’s another great reason to celebrate. In fact Easter may be one of my favorites! Jesus is alive. There is nothing better!

As we’ve been preparing for our next round of celebrations, I’ve been thinking about volunteers and how much they need to be celebrated. How much they deserve to be celebrated. And, sadly how many churches forget to celebrate them. They are our bread and butter. Volunteers are what make Sunday happen. They keep families coming back. We NEED our volunteers. Let’s make sure they know it!

I hope you always remember how much your volunteers love to celebrate and be celebrated. Remember that it doesn’t take much. A simple, thoughtful act can go a long way. A card filled with confetti, a favorite coffee drink, call them up to the stage to tell the kids why they are a fabulous volunteer and give a round of applause, post a note on their Facebook page or send a Tweet about them. Do something weekly to celebrate a few of your volunteers.

Find ways to celebrate them monthly or quarterly. Have parents write them a note. Ask kids to draw them a picture. Host a volunteer breakfast before church or between services. Make a big banner that says, “Thank You!” and ask families to sign it as they come in on Sunday. Find a way to celebrate teams in your ministry on a consistent basis.

And do something annually to celebrate ALL of your volunteers! Plan a party—a big one! A party that makes everyone else wish they served in Kids Ministry just so they could come to this exclusive event. Remind them that they are the rock stars that make ministry happen. Tell them that without volunteers there would be no ministry. Help them see how they do for a few what you cannot do for many. Celebrate the difference they are making in the lives of families in your church. Share the stories of all the big “wins” that have happened on their watch. Just celebrate!

I love a good party, and your volunteers do too! They are worth celebrating.