First Look Friends! Christmas is NEXT WEEK! Are you one of those (many) leaders who keeps meaning to do something for your volunteers, but hasn’t thought of what to do yet? We’re here to help!!! Our amazing Orange Specialist, Deb Springer, pulled a few ideas together for you.


Your Christmas shopping list includes your spouse, your children (maybe grandchildren), the neighbor, your children’s teachers, the out-of-state relatives… phew! But wait, what about the volunteers who serve the preschoolers in your ministry? We know that they serve because they love to, they believe in what they do. And, a little recognition goes a long way during this busy Christmas season.

Gifts for volunteers can be free or inexpensive and still be meaningful. Clever words, along with a favorite candy are fun. How about a bag of Christmas-y mints with a tag that’s says “Thanks for your commit-mint” or “Thank you for the invest-mint of your time”? A thoughtfully written, personal note to each volunteer is priceless and only requires a little of your time.


Handmade gifts represent the gift of yourself. An inexpensive magnet with a ministry logo serves as a yearlong reminder of your appreciation. Start with a clear, flat glass floral marble. Trace around the marble onto a small logo or graphic. Cut out the graphic and glue the picture side to the flat bottom-side of the marble using clear, permanent glue. Allow glue to dry then glue a magnet to the underside of the picture. (Editor note: This is a picture of the one Deb made for me not long ago.)




Food is always a special treat. Give candy “hugs” and “kisses” melted on pretzel squares and watch the smiles appear. Homemade hot chocolate mix in a canning jar topped with marshmallows will warm-up a cold evening over the holidays.   There are hundreds of ideas for giving “love in a jar” – something that can be savored when all the other holiday goodies are long gone. Take a look at and


If all these ideas are a bit overwhelming, a simple hug and “Thank you for serving” goes a long way too. Just take a minute to recognize your volunteers’ gift of time this season. They’ll give you a smile back, and it will truly be a Merry Christmas for all.


What gift-giving ideas have been a big hit with the volunteers in your preschool ministry?