We know your mantra: Sunday’s comin’…

We’d like to add to it: Christmas is coming!

No, we’re not trying to stress you out. But we do know that Christmas is a wonderful time to connect kids and families in your community to what’s happening at your church, whether it’s Sunday or any other time during the week.

If you’ve been hanging out with 252 Basics very long, you know we believe the best way to vision cast for your parents and kids, and to connect with new families, is a shared “family experience,” or FX. It might be a simple 20 minutes between services or a full-blown hour in a local theatre space.

Launching an FX—especially at Christmas—may seem a little overwhelming. But we’d like to make it easy for you.

After all, we have Santa on our payroll.

Not even kidding.

Not only that, but we’ve created an incredible Christmas-FX-in-a-box that makes it easy to engage your community.

Jingle Jam – Wrapped Up
We’ve included video elements, games, music, marketing materials, scripts… everything you need to make your Jingle Jam happen anywhere from your fellowship hall to the mall food court.

We’re mindful of your overbooked volunteers, too: Jingle Jam requires only two hosts and one additional actor.

I could keep talking. Or I could just show you what happened when we busted out with some Christmas in April at Orange Conference 2014.

Check out Jingle Jam for yourself!

[media link=”https://vimeo.com/98578052″]

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