I recently finished watching all five seasons of the NBC television series, Chuck on DVD.  If you are unfamiliar, the show centers around an everyman/geek employee of an electronics store who becomes a super spy when a database of government secrets get implanted into his brain.  I typically avoid fanaticism (unless we’re talking about ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, but this blog isn’t long enough for me to expound on his comedic genius right now), and yet I found myself rapidly succumbing to Chuck’s serio-comic tone and I related almost instantly with the title character, being an everyman/geek myself.
So I did what raving fans do.  I pored over the DVDs, watched all the behind the scenes footage, searched imdb.com to find out where the actors could be seen next, and I began following the star of the show, Zachary Levi, on Twitter.  And this act of cyber-stalking led me to a startling discovery.  Zachary Levi and I could totally hang out.  I find his tweets funny at times, wise at others, but mostly I was inspired by his charitable endeavors.  There are some famous people who choose to leverage their celebrity to do some good in the world.  Zachary Levi, like his alter-ego, Chuck, is a hero of sorts.
That’s when I found myself thinking, ‘I’m going to be that kind of person one day.  When I’m famous, I’ll use my celebrity to help feed the hungry and find homes for the homeless and shine God’s light into a world filled with darkness.  I will be a hero.’  Then my mind shifted to another thought.  Why do I have to wait until I’m famous?  What am I doing right now?  Today?  How can I, everyman/geek, leverage my influence to do good where I am now?  So often I make deals with God.  Maybe you’re like me.  “Lord, if you’ll help me get my finances worked out, then I’ll be more generous.” “Lord, fix my problems, then I’ll have time to worry about someone else’s.”
I think it’s time for me to stop waiting.  Stop waiting for fame or money or the new year to happen before I take action.  There are many people in need and while an everyman/geek like me can’t save the world like Chuck, I can still be a hero to somebody.