The Bible isn’t just a book of random stories; it’s 66 books written by 40 authors over 1,600 years, and it all comes together to tell One Story. One incredible overarching narrative about God’s loving pursuit of us, His children.
That’s pretty remarkable.
It’s why we believe you have a unique calling as a leader—to do everything you can to tell the best story ever told in a way that connects with the minds and hearts of the next generation. We are not simply trying to get a generation to love the story of God, but to fall in love with the God of the story—the One Big Story.
Here at Orange, every month and with every series, we weave the Big Story into our age-specific curriculum—First Look, 252 Basics and XP3 Students. But there are times, seasons when we feel like it’s important to take a step back and be reminded of the big picture.
That’s why in the next month or so, before Orange Conference 2013, we are releasing a new eight-week curriculum called One Big Story. Consisting of individual series, One Big Story is designed to be used for a season either with a specific age group or church-wide with three different age groups—preschool, elementary and middle school/high school students.
Curious? You’ll soon be able to find more info at our website,, but check back tomorrow for some FAQs that may answer questions you have now.