I confess. I am a recovering multi service leader. Our church offered ministry to children at various service times. We offered a Saturday night ministry time, 2 Sunday services, plus a midweek service. At one time we had a different curriculum running for each service. We even decided writing our own content for some services might be a great idea. Call me crazy! I look back now and see it as a set up for disconnect and burn out of all involved.

We were in silos for sure. We ran programs to cover time. Instead of thinking collectively through this conundrum of multi service times, we reacted. I like to say, we threw great Bible content out everywhere to fill service times. Good people who loved the Lord served on the team, but were not challenged or inspired by vision. They were not aligned or given a plan to know what the big picture plan was from crib to college.

I started investigating (somewhere between sleep, camp and vbs). I began hearing words like “strategy” and “rhythm.” Could it be possible that a ministry could partner with parents by combining influences of service times and what was taught? I learned it could be a strategic move to apply the concept of 40 hours the church has vs. the 3000 hours home influence has. Even our 4 services times didn’t compare to the 3000 hours parents have. We needed to connect the dots. The gospel and all Christ offers is much too glorious to settle for anything less than a collective plan to reach families.

Do you have autonomous systems running because various service times? I hope you will come together as a ministry team and look at the big picture. Talk strategy. Make a plan. Consider a united front no matter what time or service kids attend in your age group.

If you use 252 Basics, there are some great tools to create a multi service plan.   Use the editable word documents to spread out the great content and focus for more than one service time. You can drive what you want to teach! You can also use the Feature Presentation because both presentations include the Bible story. Add some great media pieces from Get Reel to help kids understand the life app even better. Include the extra key verses available each month to help work on Bible navigation.  Get creative (you’re allowed to do that with 252 Basics). Add your own flare and include other key important focuses as you use 252 Basics, like maybe service projects. Keeping the kids of your age group on the same page allows a child to process their faith at an age-appropriate level. It also makes it easier to influence the 3000 hours at home.

Talk with your Orange Specialist about ideas and helps specific to your ministry.