Don’t you just love when kids are able to connect the dots? When they start to understand that changing one ingredient changes a recipe. When they are able to start connecting the relationships in your family tree. Or when they can follow your route on a map.
We want kids to begin to understand the big picture of God’s story, too. In 252 Basics, we’ve started incorporating our One Big Story timeline into the Groups curriculum to help church leaders show kids how God’s story is connected.
To help kids learn even more, we’ve introduced a One Big Story page on On this page, kids can explore God’s Big Story, learn more about specific scenes within the story, and see how this week’s story fits in God’s timeline.
You may notice the One Big Story tab has replaced the CUE Box tab. Kids can still check out the Story Card, Poster, MealTime Discussions, GodTime Cards, and BedTime Stories they previously found in CUE Box. Now, they’re simply grouped in the appropriate book of the Bible along with that week’s 252 Basics story. Each week’s story will be added to the Big Story Bible, so over time kids will be able to build a resource that will teach them how God’s story fits together.
There is a lot to play with on this new Studio 252 page. We hope you’ll find it proves to be a valuable tool to help the kids in your ministry connect each Age in God’s Big Story and begin to understand God’s love through time.