Nick Johnson is the Family Ministry Coordinator at Prairie Lakes Church and shares how they are connecting with parents of the kids in their ministry.
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In college, I volunteered as a Small Group Leader for 4 years. Our goal was to be “Orange.” To accomplish that, we needed to connect with parents. I remember writing notes that I mailed to their homes, and I would introduce myself and tell them what a joy it has been to get to know their child, but it consistently never felt like enough.

Now I get to lead Family Ministry from birth – 12th grade. We realize the power of continuing faith conversations at home after Sundays. So we set out to crack the code on connecting parents with our Family Ministry. While I am still working on that, Orange and 252 Basics have developed great opportunities for the church and the family to partner together. I love the Parent Cues, the God Times and the Social Media Plan. The children in our ministry have really enjoyed learning about Jesus and, with the Parent Cues, parents have the tools to be the spiritual leaders in their homes. I have had several families say “thank you” for these resources so they can continue the conversations at home.

Another way we’re working to become more Orange and not just Yellow is using God Times. A couple months back we started offering God Times to families, allowing parents and kids to do a short devotional that is focused on the Life App we are learning that particular month.

I know it’s difficult reaching parents in the busy world they live in, with so much information coming at them from school, sports and everything else. One of the emerging ways I have been able to connect with parents is through social media. The social media plan makes it really easy to cue the parent at home by posting pictures of inspiration, videos from the children’s service, bottom line, or life app. Parents are on social media and this has been a great way to cue the parent and to even share with other parents!

I’d encourage churches and other leaders to find ways to connect with parents – remembering that what works with one family might not work for another. We also have a Family Ministry Blog with weekly posts to encourage parents. And we just started is using a texting service that can cue the parent a couple times a week. There are so many ways to connect with parents.

What are other methods you use to connect with parents?